Free as a Bird

TGIM! Said no one ever…except Eric Thomas. And me! I’m seriously so excited it’s Monday because even though I loved every second of The Home Girls Giveaway last week, I’ve been anxiously waiting to share some more projects with you!

However, before we get into that, I want to take a second to tell you about a friend of mine who just started a blog with three other ladies. It’s called Wirl Mamas. Wirl standing for What It’s Really Like (to be a mama). They’re here to dish about the honest truths behind being a mom and talk about the stories that no one ever tells you. They take a refreshing point of view on motherhood and aren’t afraid to talk about their hardships. Even though I’m not a mama yet, I’m excited to follow along with them and hopefully learn some things before bringing a little one into this world. I’m super excited for them, so go check them out and see what it’s really like 😉

Ok, now onto the goods! I bought this little table at my go-to local antique store for $15 and knew it was perfect. I love doing small tables like this because I’m SUPER impatient and they usually don’t take as long to complete as a dresser or larger piece.


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Pallet Board Topped Dresser

After I bought my first supply of Chalk Paint, I wanted to paint everything with it. I hadn’t gone thrifting yet, so I figured it was time to give something we already owned a makeover. The lucky winner: my husband’s dresser! I’ve had it since I was a baby and brought it with us when we moved into our first place together. It was serving its purpose quite well, but it wasn’t much to look at. If you’ve read my About section, you know we live in a tiny apartment, and it’s definitely not our forever home. I have a hard time decorating, because I know we wont be here for long and that’s why I like to sell my pieces as well. For this dresser, I kept it relatively neutral so we can take it with us whenever we move.


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