The Home Girls :: Sweet {Jolie} House Tour Part 1

Mike, Mike, Mike, guess what day it is?! HUMP DAYYYYYYY. It literally cannot be Wednesday without me thinking of that commercial. Love it. And I love you guys! Brepurposed has gotten so much love these past couple days from The Home Girls Giveaway it’s amazing. I hope you are all enjoying each of our posts about Sweet {Jolie} and if you missed Meet the B’s yesterday, go check it out now!

We’re finally to my favorite part of this whole week and that’s the house tour. I told you guys Nicole’s home is incredible and you know I wouldn’t lie to you. Kristi over at Making it in the Mountains is taking the reigns on the first part of the tour, so make sure you go read her post and enter to win the giveaway over there. A $50 gift card to Sweet {Jolie} and a beautiful blue Hummingbird Infinity Scarf could be yours if you’re the lucky winner.

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Meet the B’s
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Now, want to see a little sneak peak at what I’ll be sharing with you tomorrow?! Of course you do!

ImageThis picture is perfect in so many ways and is just the beginning of what you can expect here tomorrow. I don’t think I can hold out on you guys any longer. I need to back away from my computer before I accidentally publish my post early!

Enjoy the rest of your hump day 😉


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