Bedroom Makeovers for Summer [guest post]

Good morning friends! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and is off to a great start on this beautiful Monday morning. Today, I have a guest post from the lovely Alice, over at Yorkshire Linens. Take it away, Alice!
Hi I am Alice and I love finding new ways for home decor. Embellishing and beautifying things is a great way to keep going with life. I am thrilled to be guest posting here. You can get hold of me here. Summer is nearly here and for once it looks like being a scorcher! Most of us are keenly anticipating long leisurely days of warmth and sunshine, and we certainly deserve a good summer after the rather damp and chilly ones of the previous couple of years! Celebrate the forthcoming season by giving your bedroom an exotic makeover, readying it for the summer months to come.

Pile ‘Em High!
Cushions may seem to be a winter ‘thing’ but this is not necessarily true. While cushions certainly do add a measure of warmth and cosiness to your bedroom, there is no need for you to banish your cushions come the summertime. Rather, swap out warm fabrics and ‘hot’ colours, exchanging them for cool crisp cotton and satin in cooling shades. In this way you retain the cosiness and welcome of the cushions, while adding a cooling element that is so desirable in a summer bedroom.

Inverse Décor

Why not reverse the usual trend, swapping bland blank walls for intricately patterned and detailed wallpaper, offset with neutral soft furnishings and accessories? You can create an unusual and very attractive look in this manner, giving in to your love of swirling gorgeous patterns on your walls, without worrying that the overall look will seem overdone and tacky.


Unusual Colour Combos of bedspreads & cushions
This summer opt for unusual colour combinations, mixing up cool and warm shades as you see fit! For example, cool cream teamed with warm soft orange creates a delightful Peach Melba effect that you will love. Other unusual combinations that work well include baby blue and chocolate; bright lime green, black and white or even teal and orange as seen below. Brilliant colour combinations of bedding can be found at Yorkshire Linen Co.


Monochrome and Mirrors
Monochrome décor is always effective and you can add some extra elegance with the addition of plenty of mirrors. Not only will these help you to make sure that you look great in your new beach clothes, but you will see an extra dimension of spaciousness and elegance in your décor. If the idea of one large mirror bores you, arrange a series of shaped mirrors (circles, squares or even wave-form mirrors can all work) along one wall. Mirror Outlet has some really nice mirrors and I recently bought one for my home.



White with a Touch or Two
Summer heat is beautifully offset with white bedding and accessories, but this can become a bit boring to the eye. Counteract the blandness with heavily textured and detailed touches like sets of embossed cushions, textured throws or even an intricately embroidered chair. Add a profusion of lightweight curtains to add some feminine charm and grace to the room and you will not want to leave your bedroom for long!


Flower Power
Summer sun is what makes the flowers bloom and it has never been easier to incorporate flower power into a room. Choose floral bedding and curtains, or opt for a set of flower print cushions to brighten up your bedroom and introduce a summery note to the décor.


Slip Covers and Cushions
As a fast and easy way to change your décor without actually investing in new furniture, have some slip covers made for your bedroom furniture. You will be astonished at how quickly a room can be transformed by simply popping a different cover onto the chair, ottoman and dressing table stool – not to mention the extra glamour added by having every match! Have some matching cushions made up with any fabric remnants to help to complete and round out the décor theme.

Thanks so much for sharing, Alice! I never would have thought a slip cover could look so chic. Definitely an easy update to switch up the color of your furniture. How are you guys using color to update your bedrooms for summer?
Have a wonderful Monday!

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