Think Spring.

First of all a big congrats to all those chosen as the contestants for East Coast Creative’s Creating with the Stars 2014 Competition! I’m so glad I entered, and even though I didn’t win, I’m excited to follow along with these amazingly talented bloggers. If you haven’t checked them out yet, head on over and do it now!

When I started putting this post together last week, I was staring out my window at a white out and a winter snow advisory. It’s still chilly today but at least we can see the grass again. It may take a little longer than us east coasters hoped, but spring will be here soon and I’m so excited for all the wonderful colors that come along with it. Pantone named these pastels the front runners for this spring and just looking at them puts a smile on my face and makes me forget about this cold weather, if only for a few minutes.

Image Placid Blue Interior Wall | Door | Pillow | Bathroom


Sink | Books | Bouquet | Lamp


Kitchen Island | Lilacs | Blazer | Vans

I love the use of these colors in the kitchen! Brings such a light and fresh pop of color. Pairing these pastels with bright, vibrant colors is also on trend right now. What fun colors would you pair with these pastels? Here’s what I’m loving.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone and have a great week!

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