Budget Thrifting at its Finest

That kind of sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it? Isn’t thrifting already shopping on a budget? Let me tell you – not always the case. I’m always shopping on a budget, even if it’s at my local Sal Val. Which by the way, I’ve always grown up calling it which I know is odd because there is no second “l” in salvation. Anyone know where that came from? Must be an upstate NY thing šŸ™‚ Anywho, you can find furniture pieces at thrift stores for a few hundred bucks. Which to me, is just crazy because aren’t you trying to help people in need who don’t have that kind of money? Or underpaid gals in their mid 20s? Even at “second-hand” stores, you might find a great, solid wood nightstand for $20 which is a great deal, and then see a dresser for $300. Huh?! I don’t think I’ve ever bought a dresser for more than $50 from a thrift store. It’s all about knowing your town and knowing which stores have the best prices. Some places even have deals on the weekends and mark things down. The “Free” category on Craigslist is also a great place to check. Usually there are a lot of odd ball things on there, but once in a while you find a gem. (Tall 4 drawer dresser below=free!)

So this past weekend I was on a thrifting mission. I probably went to 8 or so stores and stopped for one craigslist pick up. If I had a truck, I would have come home with A LOT more than I did. I’m sure the hub is grateful I only have a small SUV. I unloaded everything, of course, onto our front porch. Look at all this great stuff! My mind is overflowing with ideas for all of them and the best part? All of this only cost me $35! Now that’s what I call budget thrifting šŸ™‚

P.S. Can that snow be gone NOW please?!


Do you have any fun ideas for any of these pieces? Let me know!

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