Friday’s Fab Freebie :: Week 10

Wow, I’ve already done 10 of these?! Craziness. I think this one may be one of my favs yet. I was lounging around one morning in my jammies, doing some bloggy thangs and watching the Today show. Ya know, cause I can do that now that I’m unemployed 😉 Oh the simple things. Anywho, the ever so sexy Tim McGraw was performing one of his new songs “Overrated” and some of the lyrics caught my attention. I immediately put a note in my phone so I’d remember to look them up. Well I’m not sure if that song is even released yet because my google search warranted zero results. Luckily, his performance from the Today show was on youtube and I was able to relive Tim’s sexiness those thoughtful lyrics. It’s a good jam and if you wanna hear it you can listen here. And here’s the freebie!


Print out the 8.5 x 11 here and enjoy! Please share if you do 🙂

Have a fabulously wonderful weekend everyone!



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Target Strikes Again! :: Devine Paint Review

So if you’re anything like me, you’re obsessed with Target. I mean let’s be honest, who isn’t? If you haven’t seen this article on Buzzfeed, it’s a must read; and pretty much spot on for any girl that walks through those red doors. So by now I’m sure you know that they started their own paint line called Devine. With super cute packaging and gorgeous colors, how could anyone resist? I know I couldn’t! Image

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Friday’s Fab Freebie :: Week 9

The happiest of Fridays to all of you! Things have been so busy over here I haven’t gotten a chance to do a freebie in a while so I’m very excited to share one with you today. I hope you all had a great week and are ready for an even better weekend.

A small update: if you saw my post on Wednesday about my newest treasure, I think I was wrong about what it was. I thought it was an ice box, but after a friend suggested it might be an old tobacco humidor, I did some research and she seems to be on the right track. Although most of them were made with copper interiors and this one is just metal, I found many similar photos that lead me to believe ‘ole red was used to stash some stogies back in the day. I’m going to continue to do some research and hopefully find out a little bit more about that beaut. Stay tuned!

Now onto today’s freebie 🙂


I saw this quote while browsing etsy one day and fell in love with it. I put my own twist on it using one of my favorite color palettes; mint and grey! I can’t help but sing Good Vibrations when I read it. I’ll spare you that pain though and keep the singing to myself 😉

Print out the 8.5 x 11 here. If you do I’d love to see it! Please share with me!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!


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Ice Ice Baby!

So yesterday, I was told a friend had some furniture laying around that he was trying to get rid of. Enough said; I hopped in my car and drove over. I didn’t even know what he had but of course I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take a look! He had some tables, a bench, a bunch of chairs…and this:


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Free as a Bird

TGIM! Said no one ever…except Eric Thomas. And me! I’m seriously so excited it’s Monday because even though I loved every second of The Home Girls Giveaway last week, I’ve been anxiously waiting to share some more projects with you!

However, before we get into that, I want to take a second to tell you about a friend of mine who just started a blog with three other ladies. It’s called Wirl Mamas. Wirl standing for What It’s Really Like (to be a mama). They’re here to dish about the honest truths behind being a mom and talk about the stories that no one ever tells you. They take a refreshing point of view on motherhood and aren’t afraid to talk about their hardships. Even though I’m not a mama yet, I’m excited to follow along with them and hopefully learn some things before bringing a little one into this world. I’m super excited for them, so go check them out and see what it’s really like 😉

Ok, now onto the goods! I bought this little table at my go-to local antique store for $15 and knew it was perfect. I love doing small tables like this because I’m SUPER impatient and they usually don’t take as long to complete as a dresser or larger piece.


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Home Tour Part 2 and Sweet {Jolie} Vintage

I’ve been itching to share my post with you guys all week! Have you been following along with the other Home Girls? I hope so! If you missed Kristi’s post yesterday, you can check it out here. She started off Nicole’s home tour and all I can say is I hope she’s ready for a permanent guest! I’m moving in. I’ve already decided. Isn’t her home so beautiful? We wanted to do it justice and knew it couldn’t be done in one day, so I’m here to share more vintagey goodness with you! And introduce Sweet {Jolie} Vintage 🙂

Before we get started don’t forget to show The Home Girls some love! We’ve all worked so hard on this giveaway and would love to hear from you!


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The Home Girls :: Sweet {Jolie} House Tour Part 1

Mike, Mike, Mike, guess what day it is?! HUMP DAYYYYYYY. It literally cannot be Wednesday without me thinking of that commercial. Love it. And I love you guys! Brepurposed has gotten so much love these past couple days from The Home Girls Giveaway it’s amazing. I hope you are all enjoying each of our posts about Sweet {Jolie} and if you missed Meet the B’s yesterday, go check it out now!

We’re finally to my favorite part of this whole week and that’s the house tour. I told you guys Nicole’s home is incredible and you know I wouldn’t lie to you. Kristi over at Making it in the Mountains is taking the reigns on the first part of the tour, so make sure you go read her post and enter to win the giveaway over there. A $50 gift card to Sweet {Jolie} and a beautiful blue Hummingbird Infinity Scarf could be yours if you’re the lucky winner.

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Now, want to see a little sneak peak at what I’ll be sharing with you tomorrow?! Of course you do!

ImageThis picture is perfect in so many ways and is just the beginning of what you can expect here tomorrow. I don’t think I can hold out on you guys any longer. I need to back away from my computer before I accidentally publish my post early!

Enjoy the rest of your hump day 😉


The Home Girls :: Sweet {Jolie} Fashion & Accessories

Hi friends! I hope you had an amazing Memorial Day weekend, ate lots of burgers and hot dogs and remembered those who fight for our country, past and present. I was home at my parent’s house for the weekend and ate wayyy too much. Definitely still feel like I have a food baby, and definitely need to go run 4732943 miles. Oh well, that’s what the holidays are for right?

The Home Girls are back again today with more Sweet {Jolie} goodness and if you missed Tanisha’s post yesterday, you can check it out here. She introduced the lovely Nicole and got things started with a bang. Just a reminder of the amazing prizes that are up for grabs:



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The Home Girls :: Meet Sweet {Jolie}

Happy Memorial Day everyone! I hope you are all getting ready to spend a beautiful day with your family and friends and of course eat some delicious BBQ 🙂 I know you probably couldn’t sleep last night in anticipation of today’s reveal! The giveaway starts today and here’s what’s up for grabs:

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